2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter 24v/48v DC, 110v/220v/230v AC Single Phase Power Inverter For Home, RV, Boat, Truck, Off Grid Systems, Full Power Reliable Quality

VSUN200 series 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter low frequency inverter with pure sine wave output, with 3 times peak power up to 6000 watts. It can convert 24v/48v DC power from batteries to AC power 110v/220v single phase for all sensitive/resistive loads.

This inverter pure sine wave 2000 watt can be with or without MPPT solar charge controller (Optional). Capable for connecting with various types of batteries, including lithium LifePo4, Gel, Flooded, and AGM batteries (battery details can be defined). Its LCD screen can set various charging and discharging current/voltage to meet various project demands, inbuilt breakers, and multi-function protections, and are friendly and safe to users.

Inbuilt smart cooling fans, work quietly without buzzing sounds. Adapt premium quality materials with excellent performance, your perfect and reliable continuous power backup inverter for home, Rv, truck, office, boat, farm

Product Details

Hybrid 2000 watt pure sine wave Inverter inbuilt Mppt Solar Charge Controller
Hybrid 2KW Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter with Mppt Solar Charge Controller

Working Principle Of VSUN200 Series Hybrid Pure Sine Wave Inverters

First Mains/Utility Mode:

When the input power from the utility grid is normal, the output is powered by a utility grid bypass. Inverters will switch automatically to battery power when mains electricity is unavailable. This mode is mainly used for the UPS power backup.

DC First Mode/Battery Priority:

If the battery voltage falls within the range specified, output power will be supplied from the battery bank even when the utility is detected. The inverter automatically switches to mains power when the voltage of the battery falls below the setpoint. The inverter will return to its battery-powered state when the battery has been fully charged. This mode is mainly used for photovoltaic energy generation.

RV Priority Mode:

When the input RV power generator system is normal the output is provided by bypassing the RV power system. And when it fails the input RV power system, the output is supplied by an inverter

What Types Of Batteries Can This 2000w pure sine wave inverter work with?

This 2000w hybrid pure sine wave power inverter can work with various types of batteries, including LifePo4 Lithium, AGM, Gel, and Flooded batteries, etc. What’s more, different battery specifications can be set through its LCD screen. Friendly to different markets and users.

2000w pure sine wave inverter battery

Hybrid 2000watt Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter System Connection

2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter connection

What Can A 2000 Watt Inverter Pure Sine Wave Run?

Hybrid 2kw power inverter charger low frequency
Where 2000w pure sine wave power inverter can be used

Is This 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter With MPPT Solar Charge Controller?

You can either choose an inverter with MPPT charge control built in or without. Pure sine wave inverter can be purchased separately from solar charge controller We also have a wide range of other inverters and charge controllers available to meet your needs.

What You Need to Be Careful Before Using VSUN200 Series 24v Or 48v 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

Firstly, you need to ensure the loading power should be less than the inverter power 2000 watts.

Secondly, the battery voltage should be the same as the inverter’s voltage, you can’t connect 24vdc battery system with 48vdc 2000 watts power inverter.

Thirdly, the positive pole should be connected with red wire, the negative pole should be connected with black wire.

If you have other doubt while using our 2000w pure sine wave inverter, then welcome to contact us, we will solve for you.

Can I Use 2000 Watts 24v Or 48v Pure Sine Wave Inverter To Charge My Batteries?

Yes, you can charge your batteries by converting AC from mains power(utility grid power) to dc for battery, or charging batteries through solar power (if this 2000 watts inverter is inbuilt solar charge controller).

Can I Connect This 2000w Power Inverter To Mains Power Which Is Single Phase 110vac/120vac Or Single Phase 220/230/240vac?

Yes, you can. This 2000w power inverter is inbuilt AC charger(max 30A, adjustable), you can use its AC charger to get power from the mains power(also named city power or utility) to charge your batteries. What you need to pay attention to is before you place order, you need to tell Vokek you need single phase 110/120vac 2000 watts inverter OR single phase 220/230/240vac power inverter. So that we can sell best 2000w inverter pure sine wave to meet your requirement.

Can This Inverter Pure Sine Wave 2000 Watt Convert DC Power To AC Power?

Yes, if this inverter pure sine wave 2000 watt inbuilt MPPT solar charge controller, then it has two ways to convert dc power to ac power, they are:

  • Convert DC from solar panel to AC power
  • Convert DC from batteries to AC power

Can This 2000 Watts Power Inverter Work With Lithium Batteries?

Yes, it can work for LifePo4 lithium batteries, but you need to ensure the inverter voltage should be same as the battery system voltage like 24v 2000 watts power inverter only can work with 24v lithium battery system, It cannot connect and work with 48v batteries.

Can This Inverter Work For Pump Without Battery?

The answer is no. This VSUN200 Series must be connected to battery. If you need solar water pump inverter without batteries to run pump, then we have special solar pump VFD, which is also named solar pump inverter or solar pump controller

How To Hook Up 2000 Watts Power Inverter To A Battery?

In order to hook up 2000 watts power inverter to batteries correctly, you need to use the red cable to connect the inverter positive pole to the battery positive pole, and use the black wire to hook up the battery negative pole to 2000w power inverter negative pole.

What Size Cable Should I Use, And Is It Included In Packaged When I Buy This 2000 Watt Power Inverter?

Yes, The 2000 watt power inverter cables are included in package, the cable details for 2000w power inverters are as follows:

  • 2000 watt 24v pure sine wave inverter, it is 1 meter length, 16㎡.
  • 48 voltage 2000w power inverter pure sine wave, it is 1 meter in length, 10㎡.

Which Types Of Battery Can Work For This Pure Sine Wave Inverter 2000w?

VSUN200 series pure sine wave inverter 2000w can work with various types of batteries, including LifePo4 lithium batteries, AGM, Flooded, Gel, and Lead Acid… Different battery details can be set in power inverter to work together

Pure Sine Wave Inverter 2000 Watt VS Modified Sine Wave Inverter 2000w, Which One Is Better? Why Choosing Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

Different output waveforms

Pure sine wave converters use PWM, and some have multi-step inverters. The structure is complicated, but they produce a good output waveform, which is suitable for both inductive and capacitive loads. Modified wave converters generally use square wave inverters, while some also have ladder inverters. The output waveform, however, is poor and not suitable for capacitive and inductive loads.

Efficiency gap

The pure sine wave inverter is more efficient than modified wave inverters, and has a stable sine wave output and high frequency technology. It can be used for any type of load.

Different Applicability

The pure sine wave inverter can be used for both inductive and capacitive loads. However, the corrected wave inverter only works with resistive loads. Corrected wave inverters are not suitable for inductive appliances. They will cause a lot noise, and they can also lead to a large loss.

Pure sine wave

Inverters that produce pure sine waves have low distortion and output waveforms that are similar to the AC grid. The AC power produced by pure sine wave converters is higher quality than the grid.

Generally, If your budget is allowed, then definitely pure sine wave inverter 2000 watt is your best choice.

What Is The Difference Between 2000watt Low Frequency  Inverter And 2000watt High Frequency Inverter?

Difference between 2000w low frequency inverter and 2000 watt high frequency inverter

Can I Design New Appearance (OEM Order) For My 2000w Inverters?

Yes, we can offer OEM for 2000w inverter orders if your order quantity is good. We can make new shell for your 2kw power inverters based on your appearance requirement.

What Is The 2000w Inverter Price?

The price of 2000 watt power inverter depends on the exchange rate, order time, latest materials cost, order quantity, etc.

Welcome to contact and send inquiry to Vokek, we will offer best 2000w pure sine wave inverter price for you.

2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter- LCD Screen Introduction(VSUN200M series)

2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter- Manufacturing and Shipping To Overseas Market

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