55kw 3 phase solar pump controller review in Middle East Market


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This 55kw 3 phase solar pump controller is installation for irrigation. According to the demand from the farm owner, normally it works 8 to 9 hours per day. After installing this 3 phase solar pump system, now they are ready for the harvest on the plant.

Social benefit of installing 3 phase solar pump controller

This 3 phase solar pump controller installation helps local farm owner solve the problem of water shortage Now the farmer have firm confidence to get harvest from his farmland and make his work much easier and more efficiently

Project Details

Solar panels:180 pieces mono solar panels, each 315 watt

3 phase solar pump controller: VOKEK 55kw

Solar Pump: 45kw, 3 phase 380vac output, 50HZ

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Introduction of a solar photovoltaic water pump system and solar pump controller.

Photovoltaic water lifting systems (also called photovoltaic pump) mainly consist of an inverter(3 phase solar pump controller or single phase solar pump controller), a water pump and solar cells. This is the most effective way to provide water in remote areas, where there is no electricity and inexhaustible sun energy. The system runs automatically at sunrise and sunset without the need for personnel supervision.

3 phase solar pump controllers VOKEK

Working principle of solar water pump systems and solar water pump controllers

The photovoltaic array absorbs the sun’s radiation energy and converts it into electricity. To achieve maximum power point tracking, the PV pump inverter converts DC power from the PV array to AC power. It drives the pump and adjusts output voltage and frequency to match the changing sunlight intensity. The utility power switching function can be used by the PV water pumping systems to provide additional energy when the sun is weak.

Advantages of solar water pump controller

  1. Fully automated operation: The PV water pumping system works completely automatically without the need for manual guarding. It mainly comprises a PV water lifting inverter and PV array, as well as a water pump.
  2. There is no energy storage device: The system does not use storage devices like batteries. It replaces electricity storage with water storage and drives the water pump directly to transport water.
  3. Maximum power point tracking: The PV water lifting regulator controls and regulates operation of the system in order to achieve maximum power points tracking.
  4. Solar cell power can be fully used when there is enough sunshine. If not, the minimum operating frequency is set to ensure that the solar cell power is fully utilized.
  5. Off-grid: No grid power supply. The solar array provides power supply to the entire system.
  6. On-grid: when there is no sunshine and there is ac grid power(or ac generator), ac grid power( or generator) can power the VOKEK solar water pump controller to get water from water resources.
  7. Hybrid solar water pump controller function: when there is city power and sunshine, VOK200 solar pump inverter can connect and get power from the city power and sunshine at the same time. Quite Smart
  1. Pumps from rivers, lakes, and deep wells can all be used to pump water into the tank/pool or directly into the fountain or irrigation system.There are many types of pumps available: axial flow pumps and mixed flow pumps; deep well pumps; sewage pumps; aeration pumps; etc. All can be used.

Solar water pump system scope

The PV water lifting system is widely applicable in agricultural crops and farmland irrigation. It can also be used for soil erosion protection, desertification, and sandy land treatment.

Because of its off-grid and practical characteristics, PV water lifting system can play an indispensable role in national implementation of “hiding Food in the Land and Food in Technology”, and expand the construction of farmland of high standard from flat areas to mountainous regions.

Photovoltaic water lift system also has emergency functions. In the event of external damage to the grid, or a cut-off oil supply, the photovoltaic water lift system will provide the mass life and all necessary emergency measures for the water industry.

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