Output AC Line Reactor For Solar Pump Inverter

Introduction about AC Line Reactor:

Output AC line reactor( also named ac line choke), output ac line reactor is installed between solar pump inverter and pump, it is suggested to use if the distance from the pump to solar pump controller over 60 meters. When distance over 100 meters, output ac line reactor must be required.

Function of AC output line reactor:

  • Smooth filter, reduce motor noise

  • Protect the pump insulation against AC solar pump drive short circuits and IGBT reflective wave damage

  • Protect the pump and solar pump drive and extend their lifetime

  • Reduce the leakage current caused by output higher harmonic.

  • Protect the power switch devices of inverter, ensure the steadier operation and higher efficiency of the pump and ac solar pump drive

  • Reduce the energy consumed by solar pump inverter and solar pump

Introduction about output AC line reactor, and why it is important for solar pumping system

Over the years, solar pumping systems have increasingly gained popularity worldwide due to their convenient, affordable, and sustainable energy utilization techniques. As a result, these exceptional water supply systems are widely applicable in several industries, including the energy, mining, and agricultural sectors. Thus, whether you are looking for a real-time water pumping solution for pond and aquarium filtering or water retrieval from wells, solar powered water pump systems are the perfect solution.

Despite its widespread popularity, many users still do not know how this impeccable work of art functions. Additionally, many people are still using diesel-fuelled solar pump systems, which are exceedingly difficult to maintain and expensive. Learning some basics about solar pump systems will go a long way in ascertaining you have access to a safe, sustainable, affordable, and efficient water supply throughout the year.

Generally, a solar pump system is a cutting-edge piece of technology that functions as a sustainable source of electricity used in transferring water from one location to another. Although it consists of a simple structure, the system contains several components, including a solar cell array, solar water pump, and solar pumping inverter, which also consists of an output ac line reactor in long distance projects. In this article, we shall look at the definition of an ac line reactor and its role in the solar water pump system. Without further ado, let us get started.

What is an AC line reactor?

Also known as an ac line choke, an ac line reactor is an electro-magnetic gadget that aids in protecting your equipment from input power interruptions and voltage spikes that may damage the drive. It is a variable frequency drive accessory that has a steel core enclosed by the coils of copper coils. These coils create a magnetic field that allows current to flow through it while limiting the rate of rising current, hence, protecting the drive from power transients and system surges and decreasing harmonics.

Generally, there are two kinds of line reactors used in variable frequency drives. They include DC line reactors and AC line reactors. DC line reactors are found in the DC link of a variable frequency drive; thus, their name DC line reactor. On the other hand, AC line reactors are usually installed between a power system and the drive.

In relation to a solar water pump system, output AC line reactors are placed between the solar pump inverter and solar pump. It is best for use when the distance between the solar pump inverter and pump reactor is very long, like that exceeding 60 meters. If the distance between these two solar pump system components is over 100 meters, you will be requested to use the output ac line reactor.

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line reactor for vfd vokek

How does the ac line reactor work?

As mentioned earlier, an ac line reactor is an optional component that provides extra circuit inductance as it is sensitive to line distortion, current or power surges, general power anomalies, and voltage spikes. An ac line reactor is an affordable option to protect drives as they significantly reduce the rise time of a voltage spike by extending the current wave over more time to make it more sinusoidal.

It dampens the rate of voltage change and harmonic level that occurs during motor windings; hence, improving the overall performance of the system and motor.

Generally, line reactors are characterized according to their percentage impedance (IZ or percent IZ). The most popular line reactors have 3% or 5 % impedance, which is the voltage drop rate at the rated current due to impedance. Impedance refers to voltage resistance in ohms. However, it is normally denoted as a percentage upon combining it with the line current and system voltage flowing via the reactor. The primary role of impedance is to decrease the rate of current changes in the line reactor. The more the current flowing through the reactor, the higher the impedance percentage applied.

AC line reactors with a 3% or 5% impedance mean that they will apply that specific rate of impedance when the current flowing via the line reactor is at the device’s rated current. As such, line reactors with 3 %IZ are most suitable for application in solid states like North America. They often absorb motor current surges and normal line voltage spikes and effectively prevent most line tripping nuisances in circuit protection devices.

On the other hand, 5%IZ line reactors are best for use on higher line current disturbances. For instance, if you install your solar pump system in a location away from North America or in zones where IEEE 519 compliance is a requirement, a higher impedance line reactor, like that of 5% percent impedance, is ideal for use. The reactor will extend the motor’s lifespan, reduce the noise produced, and lessen harmonic distortion even further.

Due to the more efficient and powerful nature of 5 percent impedance line reactors, they are relatively more expensive than 3 percent impedance line reactors. However, if there is a single drive controlling multiple motors, it is possible to place a single load reactor, instead of a 3-phase reactor, between the VFD and motors; hence, decreasing costs and simplifying the system structure.

How does the output ac line reactor benefit your solar pump system? When should you use AC output line reactor for your solar water pump and solar water pump drive?

When it comes to solar water pumping systems, many people are hesitant to invest in them because of the high initial installation costs, especially when compared to traditional water pumping systems. However, any wise investor will look at the bigger picture and consider the long-term implications and costs associated with each of these pumping systems.

It goes without saying that solar powered pumping systems are more beneficial compared to other water pumping systems. Some of their benefits include its use in a wide range of applications, automated operations, low maintenance costs, low electricity and operation costs, exemplary durability, and environmentally friendly nature.

Likewise, suppose you are planning to or already have a functioning solar pump system. It is advisable to install an ac line reactor to power and protect the pump, motor, as well as the performance of the entire system. Contrary to popular belief, installing an output ac line reactor is not expensive nor complicated. As mentioned earlier, this line reactor is placed in between the solar water pump and the inverter.

An output ac line reactor aids in smoothening the circuit flow in the system, which, in turn, extends the lifespan of the motor drives and pumps. They also provide a smooth filter that decreases noise produced by the motors and the current leakage resulting from the high harmonic output. An output AC reactor also protects the electronic power switch devices within the inverter.

Another benefit of using an output ac reactor is that it decreases the overall amount of power consumed by the solar pump and the solar pump inverter. The line reactor also prevents the pump insulation from IGBT reflective wave damage and short circuits experienced by the AC solar pump drive. As a result, by using an output ac line reactor, you aid in guaranteeing the steady and effective operation of your solar water pump system and the ac solar pump drive.


What types of output ac line reactor for solar pump vfd?

Normally, there are three different types of vfd output load reactor:

Three phase 380vac-460vac output line reactors for vfd

Three phase 220vac-240vac vfd output reactor

Single phase 220vac-240vac output line choke for vfd

How to select output AC line reactor for your solar pump inverter/vfd/system?

You need to tell the line reactor supplier about following three information:

  1. What types of output AC line reactor do you need?

There are three types of output AC line reactors for solar pumping system/inverter/controller/VFD normally, they are three phase 380V line reactor, three phase 220V line reactor and single phase 220V line reactor. The types of line reactor should be the same as the types of your solar pump inverter.

  1. How much power(KW) of line reactors do you need?

It depends on the power of your solar pump inverters that using together with line reactors, the power of the line reactor should be same(or larger) as(than) the power of your solar pump controller.

  1. How long the distance from the solar pump VFD to solar water pump that your line reactors will be used for?

Generally, there are many types of line reactors for different distance projects, so you need to tell the line reactor this information to get right line reactors.


When operating a solar pump system, the more current regulation, the better it is for all components involved. As a result, whether you have a solar powered water pump system in your irrigation field or water treatment facility, an output ac line reactor is the perfect addition. Not only will it aid in harmonic mitigation, but it will also increase the system’s overall lifespan, improve overall efficiency, and prevent overvoltage tripping.

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