Inverter Noise: Everything You Need To Know, Reasons & Solutions

inverter noise


Are you grappling with inverter noise? Chances are that you are not the only homeowner who is facing this challenge. Although an inverter is supposed to enable you to enjoy a stable AC power supply even when there is a blackout, it is not resistant to issues such as beeping, clicking, and high-pitched sounds.

Whenever you hear such noises, something could be wrong with your inverter. From battery capacity issues to a failed self-test, there is a raft of issues that can cause noise inverters. Fortunately, these issues are resolvable through a number of ways. In this article, we discuss the various issues that can cause an inverter noise, how to suppress that noise, and other related ideas. Let’s delve into the issue!

Why Is My Inverter Making A Clicking Noise?

Whenever an inverter is in operation, it is normal to hear the model making some noise. In most cases, the inverter noise is due to a change from the normal power supply to battery power. Typically, you are bound to hear a sound that is made by a coil or an internal transformer.

Thankfully, this noise does not affect the normal functioning of your inverter. Although it is normal to hear your inverter make noise, too much noise should raise an alarm. Here are the various reasons why you keep hearing your inverter beeping noise:

Technician Responding to Inverter Noise

Technician Responding to Inverter Noise

  1. Your Inverter Is Overloaded

Once you purchase an inverter, you are at liberty to connect to a number of appliances. From the refrigerator to your television set, there are many devices that you can connect to your inverter and enjoy a constant AC power supply.

However, there are instances when you might overload your inverter unawares. If this happens, note that you will be creating excessive demand for AC power supply, thereby making your inverter start overheating. Besides overheating, overloading your inverter can cause harmonic distortions and voltage fluctuations, thereby making it start beeping or clicking.

  1. Too Much Dust And Dirt

Depending on where you have positioned the inverter, chances are that it will accumulate dirt and dust over time. If this happens, be sure that the inverter beeping noise will be inevitable.

  1. Your Battery Capacity Is Getting Depleted

Besides the reasons that we have discussed above, the other cause of inverter noise is a depleting battery capacity. Typically, this happens in order to prevent excessive discharge of your inverter which can potentially make it to shut down.

The clicking sound serves as an indicator that your battery is almost getting depleted. Therefore, you might have to charge the battery for a couple of hours for this sound to cease. Once the battery is fully charged, you can now go ahead and power on the inverter.

  1. Your Battery Cable Size Is Wrong

If you happen to utilize the wrong size of a battery cable, trust that you will experience a noise inverter in your home. Such can be attributed to the fact that a wrong battery cable leads to a voltage drop, thereby prompting the inverter to make a clicking or high-pitched sound that can be like that of an alarm. Suppose you hear an inverter noise, the next step is to change the battery cable and install the right one right away.

Wrong Cable Size for your Inverter

Wrong Cable Size for your Inverter

  1. Your Inverter Is Running On Battery Mode

The other cause of inverter noise is when the model operates or runs on battery power. In most cases, you will hear 4 beeps after every 30 seconds. This goes a long way to inform you that the model has transferred from line operation and is now operating on battery mode.

  1. Low Voltage

If your battery is not able to yield the much-needed voltage, the inverter will not be in a position to convert power more efficiently. This further causes unnecessary strain on a number of its components thereby making it to start making a clicking sound. In most cases, you will hear this sound after every 5 seconds.

  1. Your Inverter’s Fan Is Malfunctional

In case your inverter’s fan is not operating optimally or is malfunctional, you are likely to hear inverter fan noise every now and then. This problem is mainly caused by the failure of your inverter’s fan to access enough airflow.

If this happens, the inverter’s cooling fan will fail to work, thereby making the temperatures within the inverter to rise steadily. This further makes the inverter to be noisy. If this condition is not checked early enough, your inverter’s stability and performance will be highly compromised.

  1. Presence Of Lose Clips Or Screws

Just like any other electrical component, the inverter also has a number of screws. Basically, these screws help in fastening the internal components of the inverter. In case these screws are loose, chances are that you will hear an inverter noise anytime it is in operation. Besides loose screws, broken clips can make your inverter to be noisy.

  1. Damaged Inverter Part

In case there is a damaged component in your inverter, be certain you will hear an inverter noise whenever the model is in use. If you are the victim of this circumstance, you might need to seek the help of a professional technician so as to avert this problem.

  1. A Failed Inverter’s Self-Test

Most inverters usually perform a self-test after every 2 weeks. Ideally, this test is done in order to check your battery’s integrity. Although there are instances when the test goes on smoothly, there are moments it might fail.

Suppose the inverter fails this test, it shows that your battery is dead and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. If this happens, your inverter will start to make a beeping noise after every 4 to 5 hours.

Other Reasons Why Your Inverter Might Start Clicking Bring Inverter Noise:

Apart from the reasons that we have discussed above, here are other additional reasons why your inverter is producing a clicking sound:

  • Your inverter’s motor has burned out.
  • Your inverter has a loose wire inside it.
  • Presence of a damaged cable.
  • You have placed your inverter in a place that has poor ventilation.
  • Your inverter has old or bad capacitors.

How Do I Stop My Inverter From Making Noise?

Since you already know the various reasons why you are experiencing inverter noise, time is ripe for you to know the various methods that can help keep this noise at bay. Some of the ideas that can help you get started include:

Things to Check to Stop Inverter Noise

Things to Check to Stop Inverter Noise

  1. Do Not Overload Your Inverter

One way to eliminate noise from inverter is by distributing the power load evenly among different devices that you have at home. Ideally, the total power consumption of your connected devices should not surpass the power yielded by your inverter.

  1. Make Sure That Your Inverter Is Placed In A Well-Ventilated Space Or Room

By placing your inverter in a well-ventilated room, you are able to reduce inverter fan noise. This is because air will be circulating well within the inverter, thereby cooling it down when necessary. Also, this helps to prevent excessive accumulation of heat whenever the inverter is in use.

  1. Consider Using The Right Size Of The Wiring Cable

Different inverters usually have different power requirements. As a result, there is a need for you to choose a cable wire that suits your particular inverter. For optimal results, check the power requirements of your inverter and also the distance between the power source and the inverter so that you can choose the right wiring cable. By doing so, you will eliminate the noise coming from your power inverter.

  1. Ensure That Your Power Supply Is Stable

Sudden drops in voltage are one of the main causes of power inverter buzzing noise. Thankfully, this problem can be avoided by ensuring that your power supply remains stable for longer.

To achieve this objective, consider using surge protectors or voltage stabilizers. In case you live in a locality that experiences voltage issues, reach out to a professional electrician so that he can diagonise the problem and advise you on the way forward.

  1. Add More Cooling Devices

Besides keeping your inverter in a well-ventilated room, the other way to reduce inverter fan noise is by adding a number of cooling devices such as heat sinks and external fans. By doing so, you will able to dissipate heat more effectively and thus reduce noise inverter.

  1. Tighten The Various Components Of Your Inverter

Overtime, certain components within your inverter might become loose due to one reason or another. Like we have mentioned above, such components can make your inverter to be noisy anytime it is in operation.

To be on the safe side, ensure that you regularly check any loose screws and clips and tighten them. Additionally, ensure that there are no loose wires within the inverter as this can cause inverter noise every now and then. As you do this, be careful not to mutilate or damage various components of your inverter. If possible, adhere to the safety guidelines as outlined by the manufacturer in the user’s manual.

  1. Reset Power/The Inverter Itself

The other helpful way to eliminate noise from the inverter is by resetting the power. Here, you should unplug your inverter for a few minutes and then plug it back. Once you plug back, check and see if the problem will persist or not. You can also switch off your inverter and then switch it on again and establish if the noise inverter will be gone.

  1. Let Your Battery Get Charged First

If your battery’s capacity is getting depleted, your inverter is likely to make noise or start beeping. To reduce this noise, consider charging your battery first and then powering on your inverter thereafter.

  1. Ensure That You Dust Off Your Inverter

One way to reduce noise from solar panel inverters is to dust them off. This is because these devices are prone to getting dust and debris over time. More importantly, pay keen attention to the fan section and ensure that you clean it properly. To get the best results, ensure that you adhere to the guidelines set out by the manufacturer and you will be good to go.

  1. Replace Your Battery

If you have been using your inverter for the last 5 years or even more, chances are that the battery or the batteries that you have at home have outlived their usefulness. Consequently, you might end up hearing inverter noise every now and then. To prevent this noise, consider replacing the batteries. This will not only reduce the power inverter nose but also improve the functionality and efficiency of your solar panel system.

  1. Mount The Inverter Properly

In case your inverter is not well mounted, chances are that it will start vibrating anytime that it is in use. To reduce that noise, consider mounting your inverter on a solid, sturdy wall surface. As you mount the inverter, ensure that you utilize washers between the frame of the inverter and the mounting surface. By doing so, you will greatly help to reduce noise inverter.

  1. Replace The Inverter’s Fan

Sometimes the fan inside your inverter might fail to spin as expected. Such can happen once the fan has become damaged due to age or even overuse. To prevent inverter fan noise, consider replacing it right away.

Remember that if the fan is not working optimally, other components within your inverter are bound to be affected negatively. From failing to work optimally to overheating, there are many consequences of having a faulty fan within the inverter. Therefore, it is always advisable that you replace it right away so that you can prevent such eventualities.

  1. Seek The Services Of A Professional Technician

In case you have tried to do away with inverter noise using all the ideas that we have mentioned above and have not succeeded, the time is ripe for you to seek the services of an expert. The good news is that a professional technician will diagnose your inverter’s issue and offer the much-needed repair services. In case the inverter is damaged, the expert will advise you on the right model to invest in and get value for your hard-earned money.

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