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MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Models: VCM Series 40A/50A/60A/80A/100A/120A(12V/24V/48V or 48V/72V/96V Auto Detect)

VCM Series MPPT Solar Charge Controller is with advanced MPPT technology, which tracks the maximum power point of PV array exactly and quickly in any condition. Obtain Max power from solar panels anytime, increasing the charging efficiency of the solar panels. It is 25%-30% higher efficiency than the traditional controller. With intelligent functions and friendly to users.

Features of MPPT Solar Charge Controller

  1. Using advanced MPPT technology, MPPT conversion efficiency up to 99%.
  2. 12v/24v/36v/48v or 48V/72V/96V system automatic recognition, users can use it in different system conveniently
  3. Compatible with sealed lead Acid/Gel/Nicd/Lifepo4 lithium battery (Others types of batteries also can be defined)
  4. Range from 40A-120A(12V/24/36V/48V), 40A-120A(48V/72V/96V)
  5. Wide range of PV input with max. Is DC170V(12V-48V) and DC230V(48V-96V)
  6. Charge mode: three stages (fast charge, constant charge, floating charge). It prolongs the service life of the batteries.
  7. Smart fans cooling, better to protect and longer lifetime
  8. Memory function, Save function set, Date, time, Generating capacity, and so on.
  9. Real-time energy statistics function. Most information could be provided by Intelligent LCD and LED like PV input voltage, battery type, battery voltage, charging current, charging power, working status, and so on.
  10. Perfect wide protections including low voltage, over-voltage, short circuit, overload, and over-temperature, etc.
  11. Monitoring your system on-line via RS485 communication (Optional)
  12. Adopting imported well-known brand of new and original main components, meet EU standard, better and stable long-term performance
  13. Compliance with the 2002/95/EC environment protecting demand, doesn’t include the Cadmium, hydride and fluoride etc material
  14. Easily to install and friendly to the users

Technical Parameter of MPPT Solar Charge Controller

(VCM-48** is 12-48V, VCM-96** is 48-96V)
Rated Current40A50A60A80A100A120A
System VoltageAuto Detec: 12V/24V/36V/48V or 48V/72V/96V
Charge ModeMaximum Power Point Tracking
Method3 stages: fast charge(MPPT),constant voltage, floating charge
Conversion Efficiency≥96.5%
PV Modules Utilization Rate≥99.97%
12V system recognize batteries Voltage RangeDC9V~15V
24V system recognize batteries Voltage RangeDC18V~30V
48V system recognize batteries Voltage RangeDC36V~60V
96V system recognize batteries Voltage RangeDC72V~120V
Input Characteristic
Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage170V (12V/24V/36V/48V)
230V (48V/72V/96V)
MPPT Range Operating Voltage12V SystemDC 18V-DC150V
24V SystemDC34V-DC150V
48V SystemDC65V-DC150V
96V SystemDC130V-DC180V
Maximum PV Array Power12V System570W700W900W1140W1400W1800W
24V System1130W1400W1700W2260W2800W3400W
48V System2270W2800W3400W4540W5600W6800W
96V System4540W5600W6800W9120W11200W14400W
Input Low Voltage Protection12V SystemDC 16V
24V SystemDC 30V
48V SystemDC 60V
96V System DC 120V
Input Low Voltage Recovery12V SystemDC 18V
24V System DC 34V
48V SystemDC 65V
96V SystemDC 130V
Input Voltage Limit12V/24V/36V/48V-DC170V, 48V/96V-230V
Input over-voltage Protection12V/24V/36V/48V-DC175V, 48V/96V-235V
Input over-voltage Recovery12V/24V/36V/48V-DC170V, 48V/96V-230V
Output Characteristic
Connected BATTERY TYPESEALED LEAD ACID/GEL/NICAL/LIFEPO4 LITHIUM BATTERY (Others types of batteries also can be defined)
Float Charging Voltage
(lead acid battery)
12V System13.8V (Can be customized))
24V System27.6V (Can be customized)
48V System55.2V (Can be customized)
96V System110.4V (Can be customized)
Equalizing Charging
(lead acid battery)
12V System14.5V (Can be customized))
24V System29V (Can be customized)
48V System58V (Can be customized)
96V System116V (Can be customized)
Rated Output Current12V/24V/48V/96V System40A50A60A80A100A120A
Current  Limit Protection12V/24V/48V/96V System42A52A62A82A102A122A
Temperature Factor12V/24V/48V/96V System±0.02%/℃
Temperature Compensation14.2V-(The highest temperature-25℃)*0.3
Output Voltage Stability Precision≤±1.5%
Charger voltage accuracy≤±1.5%
Input Low Voltage ProtectionYES
Input Overvoltage ProtectionYES
Input Polarity Reversal ProtectionYES
Output Overvoltage ProtectionYES
Output Polarity Reversal ProtectionYES
Short-circuit ProtectionYES
Temperature Protection85℃
High-Temperature protectionAbove 85℃, decrease the output power, decrease3A per degree.
Other Parameters
LCD DisplayLCD panel indicating solar power, load level, battery voltage/capacity,  charging current,faulty condition
LED DisplayCharging indication, DC load indication
Soft start time≤10S
PC Host Computer (Communication Port)RS485(optional)
Dynamic response recovery time≤500us
Soft start time≤10s
Static power≤2W
Altitude0 to 3500 m
Cooling MethodsForced air cooling, fan speed rate regulated by temperature, when inner temperature is too low, fan ran slowly or stop; when controller stop working, fan also stops run
ComponentsWorld brand raw materials. Compliance with EU standards.All rated temperature of electrolytic capacitors not less than 105℃
SmellNo peculiar smell and toxic substances.
Environment ProtectionMeet the 2002/95/EC, no cadmium hydride and fluoride
Operation temperature-20℃ ~ +40℃
Storage Temperature-40℃ ~ +75℃
Atmospheric Pressure70~106kPa
Humidity0 to 90%RH(No Dew)
Type of Mechanical ProtectionIP21
CARTON SIZE(mm)310*250*150310*250*150310*250*150380*315*175380*315*175380*315*175

Technical Parameter

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