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Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Knowledge and Buying Guide



Power inverters are electronic devices used to convert direct current to alternating current. They are widely used in our homes, offices, and recreational vehicles. The pure sine wave power inverter is the most reliable electronic in this operation. These inverters are able to produce reliable and undeniably clean power.

The quality of this inverter’s power output is similar to that supplied by the public grid. It is therefore for use on your home and work appliances. Appliances and electronics such as Microwaves, laptops, fridges, and printers will safely run on the converted power.

At VOKEK, we manufacture the most reliable Pure sine wave power inverters, pure sine wave inverter for RV, pure sine wave inverter for home, hybrid pure sine wave inverter among others. While using our inverters, you are guaranteed optimal performance and the safety of your appliances. We have various power inverter models to suit your various needs efficiently. The inverters mainly differ depending on the output capacity.

What Is a Power Inverter?

The main role of power inverters is to transform direct current to alternating current. This is to regulate the power for safe use on home & office appliances and electronics. At home, the power from the grid may be disrupted, and you, therefore, require to use the generator, batteries, or solar energy.

You will need a power inverter to get stable, safe, and usable power from the solar system, generator or batteries. The power output of the power inverter suitable for your home or office is determined by your total consumption level. Therefore, the power inverter suitable for your workplace may have a higher output capacity compared to the one that can power your recreational vehicle.

The pure sine wave power inverter is the most preferred power inverter in the market. Its ability to produce smooth and safe power makes it a favorite amongst most of our customers. This inverter greatly lowers the chances of your electronics and appliances spoiling. At Vokek, our power inverters are frequently updated with modern technology according to market demands. This makes them perfect for your digital microwaves, laptops, TVs, and fridges.

What Is a Pure Sine Wave?

A pure sine wave is basically a stable and continuous wave that generates a smooth and periodic oscillation. It is also known as true sine wave.

Pure sine wave inverters are the most functional as they enhance the optimal performance of almost all electrical devices and appliances. The safety of the appliances is also assured when using this inverter. Indeed, there are a number of devices that can only be powered by pure sine wave inverters. When used with other inverters, you may risk damaging them or frequently malfunctioning.

Comparison Between Modified Sine Wave And Pure Sine Wave

Comparison Between Modified Sine Wave And Pure Sine Wave

What Is Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter?

A pure sine wave power inverter transforms the direct current from batteries or the solar system to alternating current. Almost all home and work equipment require alternating current. This power converter is completely safe, and we highly recommend it for use at home and office settings.

This inverter substantially improves the safety of your electronic devices and appliances. The ultra-modern technology in our Pure sine wave power converters protects the most delicate appliances. We also recommend its use on laptops, fridges, TVs and digital microwaves. Just like the national grid, the pure sine wave power inverter supplies a smooth and stable voltage. This makes it suitable for use on almost all electrical devices and appliances.

Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter VSUN200 Series

Vokek Pure Sine Wave Inverters-VSUN200 Series

What Is a Modified Sine Wave Inverter?

The output of this power inverter is neither sine wave nor square wave. It is, however, suitable for use at home and work. Though it is cost-effective considering the other inverters, the modified sine wave inverter negatively affects the power and performance of various devices and appliances.

modified sine wave inverter

Modified Sine Wave Inverter

This inverter can be used on less delicate electronics that may not be entirely affected by the low-quality power. Motors and the old tube TVs may not be affected by the modified sine wave.

Though affordable compared to the pure sine wave power inverter, you will not be able to use most electronics using this power inverter. Most will become very hot while in use and eventually reduce their life span. Some of the electronic equipment that may be affected by power from the modified sine wave inverter include;

  • Photocopiers and laser printers
  • Various laptops & computers
  • Battery chargers
  • Any equipment with an SCR – Silicon- controlled rectifier, e.g., Washing machine controls
  • Any electronic equipment with a thyristor
  • Fluorescent lights containing electronic ballasts
  • Various digital clocks
  • Electrical appliances with speed controls, e.g., Sewing machines
  • Oxygen concentrators and other medical equipment.

The choppy wave in this power inverter is not suitable. In most cases, you will actually hear a hum when you use this inverter.

Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter or Modified Sine Wave Power Inverters, Which One Is Better?

Cost and efficiency are the main differences between the two power inverters. When it comes to cost, it varies with different sizes and capacity of voltage each can handle.

In matters of efficiency, the pure sine inverter is able to produce clean, smooth, reliable, and quitter electricity. This has made it the preferred choice for powering home appliances and electronics.

The modified sine wave inverter has various issues that lower its efficiency. For example, if you use it to power the AC motor, the waste heat produced is a risk to your equipment. Therefore, you cannot use it on freezers, ovens, and even fans.

What Devices Can Run with A Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter?

Despite the interference caused while using this power inverter, it is safe for use on various electronics. The modified sine wave power inverter can run the following electronics;

  • Microwaves
  • TVs
  • Water pumps

Various computers and laptops will experience interference when powered with this inverter.

Which Are The Various Types Of Equipment That Require The Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter To Run?

Due to its efficiency and reliability, there are many electrical devices and appliances that run smoothly using this inverter. The following are some of these equipment:

  • Computers and laptops
  • Modern TVs
  • Refrigerators
  • Microwave ovens
  • Compressors
  • Medical equipment such as Humidifiers and Continuous positive airway pressure Machines
  • Laser printers
  • Digital clocks and electronics with timers
  • CFL Lightbulbs

What Is a Low-Frequency Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter?

This is a low-frequency output power inverter is device that converts battery DC power into AC power. It utilizes super-fast power transistors in transforming DC to AC power. Additionally, it put together the functions of the inverter function and the MPPT/PWM solar charger controller.

This power inverter is built with a powerful toroidal/square transformer that provides excellent isolation. The stable power supply is also supported by strong protection measures that prevent the battery from destruction.

The Low-frequency pure sine power inverter gets the name from their use of high-speed power transistors when transforming Direct current to Alternating current. It is built with a strong toroidal/square transformer that provides excellent isolation. The consistent power supply includes excellent protection measures to prevent the battery from being destroyed and to guarantee that the load is provided.

What Is High-Frequency Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter?

A High-frequency pure sine wave power inverter is a device that converts DC into AC operating on frequencies of above 50kHz. This type of power inverter is also referred to as the TL inverter or the transformer-less inverter. Unlike the low-frequency inverter, this inverter delivers similar power and at a higher frequency of above 50khz using a smaller transformer.

With a smaller transformer, the high-frequency pure sine wave power inverter surges less and for shorter periods compared to the low-frequency power inverter. The main function of this device is to provide an uninterruptible power supply in a small package to various applicable appliances, mostly in industrial settings, as well as on some home and office appliances.

Most high-frequency power inverter comes fitted with a large LCD screen with easy-to-use buttons. You can use the buttons to set the battery charging current, the AC/solar charger priority, and the permissible input voltage depending on the application.

Between a Low-Frequency Power Inverter and a High-frequency power inverter, which is Better?

The Low-frequency power inverter is clearly superior to the high-frequency power inverter. The following are some of the capabilities that make it the ideal option when choosing a power inverter;

The low-frequency inverter has a peak power of up to 300% and can maintain this level for many seconds. On the other hand, the high-frequency inverter can only manage to reach 200% and maintain this level for only a few seconds.

In terms of reliability, the high-frequency inverters depend on electronic switching and are therefore prone to failing, especially at high power levels.

The low-frequency power inverters are superior when it comes to reliability also total energy capacity. These power inverters can comfortably handle more power surges over an extended period.

Toroidal Transformer Power Inverter or Square Transformer Power Inverter, Which One Is Better?

The Toroidal transformer power inverter has a small size and a simple appearance. Electrical energy is reduced in these inverters, resulting in improved illumination and a more comprehensive range of light output. Energy-saving toroidal transformer inverters are widely used in a variety of sectors, including household appliances.

Toroidal Transformer And Square Transformer

Toroidal Transformer And Square Transformer

It can also be used in medical, audio applications, and renewable energy. Our VSUN200 has a toroidal transformer power inverter.

The Square transformer power inverter has longer life time than the toroidal inverter normally. However, the toroidal transformer power inverter may be used both at home and in light industrial settings. They will also lower your operating costs as they are very cost-effective in terms of maintenance and running costs.

It is ideal for home and office use as it reduces smoke and noise emissions. It has also has more functional safety and cooling systems.

Square transformer power inverter has low frequency interference as wells as the Toroidal transformer power inverter. Hence both are suitable for their where frequency interference is discouraged.

When considering electrical efficiency, the Toroidal transformer power inverter is the ideal choice with up to 92% while Square transformer power inverter possesses efficiency rating of up to 84%.

However, since the EI square transformer has a lower capacity, many will still choose it if they have a restricted volume.

But when it comes to installation, the Toroidal power inverter is easier compared to the square transformer power inverter.

Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Vokek VSUN200( Toroidal Transformer power inveter)

Just like the Toroidal transformer power inverters, the square transformer power inverter also has a long lifespan and can function normally even at 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Comparatively, the toroidal transformer power inverter performance efficiency ranges between 90% to 92%. The efficiency of the square transformer power inverter ranges between 80% to 84%.

In terms of heat increase, the square transformer power inverter has a considerable temperature rise.

In terms of magnetic leakage, the toroidal transformer has a relatively low magnetic leakage compared to the square transformer, whose leakage is quite considerable. Therefore, the former has low-frequency interference.

Vokek Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter-VSUN100 Series

Vokek VSUN100(Square transformer power inverter)

You will be required to consider your total usage and their performance in order to choose the ideal inverter for your needs. Based on the above analysis, both transformer inverters have advantages and disadvantages, implying that you may utilize either where it is most appropriate.

How Can I Choose the Right Sizes of Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter?

When choosing a pure sine wave solar power inverter, you must be keen on the inverter’s wattage. For the perfect inverter, its watts rating should approximately be equal to the watt rating of your solar system.

Basically, if the solar system has a watt rating of 2000 watts, you should use a solar with a rating of 2000 watts or probably a little more. However, excess watt ratings can lower efficiency.

The other factor you should consider is the surge watts. This is the amount of power your inverter can support within a very short period. The right inverter for your solar system should be almost equal or greater than the projected surge watts of every appliance or electronic device.

It is therefore vital to consider your total wattage when choosing the ideal pure sine wave solar power inverter.

VSUN100 Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger 1kw-12kw

VSUN200 Series Hybrid Low Frequency Inverter 1kw-6kw

Which are The General Safety Precautions When Using the Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter?

The following are the vital tips you should observe to avoid accidents and to damage the inverter;

To minimize the electronic shock and fire risk, ensure all wiring is professionally done using quality and recommended wires. Ensure you fix or replace any damaged wires.

The inverter should not be exposed to dust, spray, snow, or rain.

Avoid overheating by ensuring the inverter is installed in a well-ventilated location. We recommend you allow around 30cm of clearance around the inverter to enable airflow.

To avoid explosions or fire outbreaks, we advise you to ensure the inverter is far from flammable materials. Gasoline-powered machines and fuel tanks pose a major risk when in the space location with the inverter.

You may be exposed to electrical shock or fire if you disassemble the inverter.

During cleaning, you should first disconnect the AC and DC power from the Pure sine wave power inverter.

Where Can You Purchase a Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter?

You can buy the best pure sine wave inverter directly from us through our website page www.vokek.com. You can also reach our 24/7 sales team on info@vokek.com

Do You Offer Warranty on The Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter?

At Vokek, we offer a 1 to 2 years limited warranty from the shipment date. You should ensure you keep the original invoice or receipt. You can reach us at info@vokek.com and we will ensure we do our best to solve your repair and replacement issues.

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