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Are you looking for high-quality solar pump inverter(also named solar pump controller) from China? Here you are in right place.

VOKEK is professional solar pump inverter manufacturer in China with over 15 years of industry experience, exporting and hot selling in many overseas markets.

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Introduction of VOK200 Solar Pump Inverter

Solar Pump Inverter(VOK200 series) adopts world advanced software technology and hardware platform. With high-efficiency MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology, it can convert DC from solar arrays into AC efficiently. Its output AC can drive most AC pumps. Besides, DC and AC input are supported at the same time(hybrid function). When solar sunshine is not strong enough, it can be powered by single-phase or three-phase AC input such as AC power from generator or battery. It has over 30 kinds of fault protections to protect the solar pump system to operate safely.

Features of VOK200 Solar Pump Inverter

  • Suitable for most AC solar pumps, including single phase 220V/three phase 220/380/460V, etc. Power ranges 0.75kw — 400kw

  • Compatible with DC (solar panel) power input or AC (generator/ on-grid utility), or DC+AC Input at the same time(Hybrid Function), available for 24 hours of running

  • Large water flow, output maximum water in the same condition

  • Soft-start, variable speed drive with most advanced automatic MPPT technology, efficiency over 99.9%

  • Support Remote Monitoring function(optional)

  • Cost-effective, operation without battery

  • Easy to use, one-button start/stop, no need for setting

  • All-round protection, including over-current, under-voltage, over-load, and weak sunshine warning/over-heating/dry running (over 30 kinds of protections)

  • Reliable, over 15 years of market-proven experience of inverter producing technology

Technical Specification of VOK200 Solar Pump Inverter:

Model SeriesS2T2T4T5
Max. DC Input Voltage (V)450450800900
Minimum DC InputVoltage(V)150150250250
Suggest Vmp(VDC)310310520644
Input/Output AC Voltage( V )1AC, 220V-240V3AC, 220V-240V3AC, 380V-456V3AC, 380V-456V
MPPT Efficiency99.9%
Output Frequency(HZ)0~600
AltitideBelow 1000m, If above 1000m, derate 1% for every additional 100m.
Protection IP GradeIP 20
Cooling MethodFan cooling
Fault Protection Functioinover current/ over voltage/ under voltage/ over heating/default phase/ overload/ shortcut/dry running/ weak sunshine warning/ water level sensor failure protection etc. (over 30 fault protections)
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Model Selection of VOK200 Solar Pump Inverter

SeriesModelRated output powerRated output current(A)MPPT voltage (VDC)
Single phase,
AC Input/output 220V-240V
VOK200-1R5-S21.5210260 ~ 375
VOK200-2R2-S22.2317260 ~ 375
VOK200-004-S24522260 ~ 375
VOK200-5R5-S25.57.530260 ~ 375
VOK200-7R5-S27.51045260 ~ 375
-T2 ,
Three phase,
AC Input/output 220V-240V
VOK200-1R5-T21.527260 ~ 375
VOK200-2R2-T22.2310260 ~ 375
VOK200-004-T24516260 ~ 375
VOK200-5R5-T25.57.522260 ~ 375
VOK200-7R5-T27.51030260 ~ 375
VOK200-011-T2111545260 ~ 375
Three phase,
AC Input/output 380V-460V
VOK200-1R5-T41.523.7486 ~ 750
VOK200-2R2-T42.235486 ~ 750
VOK200-004-T44510486 ~ 750
VOK200-5R5-T45.57.513486 ~ 750
VOK200-7R5-T47.51017486 ~ 750
VOK200-011-T4111522486 ~ 750
VOK200-015-T4152030486 ~ 750
VOK200-018-T4182537486 ~ 750
VOK200-022-T4223045486 ~ 750
VOK200-030-T4304060486 ~ 750
VOK200-037-T4375075486 ~ 750
VOK200-045-T4456091486 ~ 750
VOK200-055-T45575110486 ~ 750
VOK200-075-T475100150486 ~ 750
VOK200-090-T493120180486 ~ 750
VOK200-110-T4110150220486 ~ 750
VOK200-132-T4132180250486 ~ 750
VOK200-160-T4160210310486 ~ 750
VOK200-185-T4185250330486 ~ 750
VOK200-200-T4200270360486 ~ 750

According to the light condition of different areas, the required power of solar array is at least 1.3 times the pump power.

Technical Specification of VOK200 Solar Pump Inverter

solar water pump inverter specification

Model Selection of VOK200 Solar Pump Inverter

solar pump inverter model selection

According to the light condition of different areas, the required power of solar array is at least 1.3 times the pump power.

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Solar Pump Controllers During Production

Solar Water Pumping System Connection

solar water pumping system

Benefits Of Solar Pump Inverter And Solar Pumping System

Solar pumping system including solar pump inverter, solar panels, solar water pump.

When sunshine is good enough, it can convert dc from solar panels to ac, using ac to drive solar water pump to get water from the lakes, well, rivers other places where having water. When sunshine is not strong enough, if there is grid power (or generator) in installation site, the users can use grid power or generator to supply ac power to drive the solar pump inverter to get the water from water sources as well.

VOKEK VOK200 series solar pump inverter also has hybrid function, it can connect with grid power (or generator) and solar panels at the same time. It is available for users if they want to operate the solar pump system 24 hours continually.

In General, solar pump inverter and solar pumping system have the following benefits:

  • No need for batteries, longer lifetime
  • No need human to operate when need water, it can be operated automatically when sun comes, it starts, when sunshine is weak, it stops.
  • High cost-effective, with good ROI (return on investment)
  • Can be friendly and widely used where need water, without grid power limitation

Solar Pump Inverter Applications

solar pump inverter for Drinking Water For Human or Animals --VOKEK

Drinking water for human or animals

solar pump system for fountain-VOKEK


solar pump controllers for swimming pools-VOKEK

Swimming Pool

solar pump inverter for desert control-VOKEK

Desert Control

Solar Water Pump Inverter for agriculture -VOKEK

Agricultural Irrigation

solar pump inverter for pound-vokek


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