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Know More About Solar Water Pump Controller

What Is Solar Water Pump Controller?

A solar water pump controller is one of the main components of the solar water pumping system that acts like the typical heart of a human being. The solar water pump controller is also known as a solar VDF inverter, solar pump inverter, or solar pump controller.

Its main role is to convert direct Current (DC) from your solar panels to alternating current (AC) so that your water pump can get the much-needed power to get water from your well or any other source with utmost precision to where it is needed most.

With this component in place, you are assured that you will have adequate water for drinking and domestic use. Since it does not run on fuel, it helps reduce carbon footprint whenever you want to pump water from your well. As long as there is sunshine, your pump will get the required power to maintain a constant water flow in your home.

Solar Water Pumping System with a solar water pump controller

Solar Water Pumping System with a solar water pump drive

Can I Power A Water Pump With A Solar Panel?

Yes. Whether your water pump is powered by direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC), you can rely on a solar panel in order to get it working. This is because the solar panel converts solar energy into electricity that is used by your pump when it is functioning. However, the number of solar panels that you need to power your solar pump will largely depend on your water demand and whether your pump controller relies on direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC).

How Does A Solar Water Pump Controller Work?

The solar water pump controller is an instrumental component of your solar water pump system. Since it is a digital device, it is able to convert direct current obtained from your solar panels and then convert it into alternating current that can later be used by your pump.

By doing so, water flow is hardly irregular in your home as it is pumped at a constant rate all the time. Additionally, it ensures that solar power obtained from your solar panels is not only used efficiently but also effectively. This way, you are able to get the most out of your solar water pump.

What Are Types of Controllers Used In The Solar Water Pumping System?

If you are looking for a solar water pump controller in the market, note that you are likely to come across two main types. These include:

  • Solar DC pump controller/inverter: As its name suggests, this one mainly works with a DC pump. Unlike other models, this one offers a small amount of power to your water pump. In most cases, such models offer 0.75KW and below. If you want to purchase a Solar DC pump controller, you will most likely find models with the following capacities; 24, 48, and 72 volts.
  • Solar AC pump controller: If you have an AC pump, this solar pump inverter is the best choice for you. The model can also work well with a submersible pump or a surfaced pump. It is imperative to note that it is mainly used to power large pumps that need 1.5 Kw and above. The following are the popular AC solar pump controllers you will certainly come across in the market whose output power ranges between 2.2Kw to 110Kw.

Suppose you are interested in purchasing a solar AC pump controller for a water pump, here are some of the models that are likely to get:

  • Solar pump inverter with single phase(Its output ranges between 220 to 240 vac)
  • Solar pump inverter with 3 phase(Its output ranges between 220 to 240vac)
  • Solar pump inverter with 3 phase(Its output ranges between 380 to 460 vac)

Benefits Of Installing Solar Water Pump Controller

There are many benefits that you are bound to enjoy once you install a solar water pump controller. Some of these benefits include:

solar water pump controller

Solar Water Pump Controller

1. Ensures constant water flow in your home

By installing a solar water pump controller, note that you will no longer grapple with irregular water flows in your home. This means that you will always have a constant water flow all the time. Whether you want water to cook or to clean your house, be assured that this device will not disappoint you.

2. It is easy to install a solar water pump controller

Unlike other electronic devices that you might purchase for home use, this one can easily be installed within a short period of time. The good news is that your model of choice will come with a solar pump controller manual that contains all the steps on how to install and use it more effectively.

3. It is cost-effective

Compared to investing in a traditional generator pump system that relies on diesel, this one is cost-effective as it does not need you to purchase any form of fuel. After all, it relies on the energy from the sun in order to power your water pump. This makes it a better option for those who want to save more and still enjoy a constant water supply in their homes.

4. It is an environmental-friendly

Nowadays, there is a clarion call on how we should go green and conserve the environment. One way to achieve this objective is by investing in a solar water pump controller. Unlike other options that might end up polluting the environment, this one works magic as it ensures that there are no greenhouse gases yielded whenever it is in use. This attribute makes the model more environmentally friendly.

5. No need for maintenance

Besides the benefits that we have mentioned above, a solar water pump controller is a good option for you as it hardly requires you to maintain it. After all, it can automatically start operating anytime there is sunshine. Once the sunshine is no more or is weak, the solar pump inverter ceases to operate.

What Is An Ideal Solar Water Pump Controller?

Having discussed the various benefits of buying a solar water pump controller, it’s always best to invest in the right model. To start with, your desired solar water pump controller should be of high quality from a reliable supplier. Besides this, the solar pump inverter should be efficient when it comes to its performance.

Before you choose your desired solar pump drive, ensure that you keep an eye on its warranty period. In most cases, the model that you will find in the market has a warranty of between 12 and 18 months. The longer the warranty period, the better the choice.

Finally, ensure that you get your model from a reliable supplier. Suppose, you want to import this model, consider getting it from VOKEK. Unlike many other suppliers, ours have been tried and proved to be lifesavers for those who want to purchase solar water pump controllers. With more than 15 years of experience, ours is a guarantee of quality and efficiency for all your solar water pump controller needs and inquiries.

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