Customer’s Satisfaction, Vokek’s First Priority

VOKEK Warranty Policy is provided by “Vokek Group Co., Ltd”(“VOKEK”) and covers defects in workmanship and materials. In order to offer VOKEK customers excellent service and support, VOKEK has established a great service system and team. Our service team will service you timely if you need support from us.

VOKEK provides a three-step after-sales service system, providing our distributors or dealers the best pre-sale and after-sales service.

Step1 – Collect Maintenance Information

Although we have a suite of manuals and documents to support the product operation and debugging, sometimes you may also need technical support to ensure the smooth running of your equipment. If you need our services such as equipment repair, debugging, or more, please firstly contact the sales manager of your district, and then our sales manager will transfer the service applications to our technical support team. When you apply for technical support, please provide the following information: contact name, contact info(phone numbers/email), machine model, machine code, and fault phenomenon.

Step2 – Analyse The Information

Once our technicians receive the service application, they will respond instantly to analyze the fault cases according to the collected information.

Step3 – Provide Solutions Timely

For the issues which can be easily solved through online support, our technician will contact you as soon as possible via phone calls, emails, or online chat. For the complicated problems which cannot be solved via remote support, our technician will offer on-site support in time. If you want to know more about our guarantee time and range, liability and etc, please refer to the product manuals or contact us.