VFD Solar Inverter/MPPT Solar VFD Drive/Solar VFD Inverter/

Solar Pump Drive (For AC Pumps)

(Single Phase and Three Phase Are Available)

MPPT VFD Solar Inverter/Solar VFD Drive VOK200 Series:

VFD solar inverter also named mppt solar VFD inverter, solar VFD drive, solar water pump controller, or solar pump inverter. It is MPPT VFD(Variable Frequency Drive) that converts dc from solar panels to AC for ac solar pumping system.

VOK200 series solar pump drive adapts the latest MPPT efficient technology, TOP quality materials, and strict quality control, widely using over 80 countries. There are three types of VFD solar inverters you can choose, they are single phase 220vac output, three phase 220vac output, and three phase 380vac output


  • 0.75kw to 400kw Single phase/three phase MPPT VFD solar inverter for AC pumps

  • Hybrid VFD solar inverter, can get power from solar panel or AC power (city power or diesel generator) or from both solar panel and AC power at the same time

  • Solar VFD Inverter with MPPT function, latest efficient technology up to 99%

  • Inbuilt water level detection function, regulate pump automatically.

  • Adopt Top quality components, strict manufacturing process to ensure high quality performance for solar VFD drive

  • Remote monitoring function (Optional)

  • All round protection included low water and full water protection, dry run protection, loss phase protection, over current, over voltage, under voltage protection, etc (over 30 types of protection)

  • Quality is fully proven by global markets, selling to over 80 countries, users love it

Technical Specification

Model Series S2 T2 T4 T5
Max. DC Input Voltage (V) 450 450 800 900
Minimum DC InputVoltage(V) 150 150 250 250
Suggest Vmp(VDC) 310 310 520 520
Input/Output AC Voltage( V ) 1AC, 220V-240V 3AC, 220V-240V 3AC, 380V-460V 3AC, 380V-460V
MPPT Efficiency 99.9%
Output Frequency(HZ) 0~600
Altitide Below 1000m, If above 1000m,
derate 1% for every additional 100m.
Protection IP Grade IP 20
Cooling Method Fan cooling
Fault Protection Functioin over current/ over voltage/ under voltage/ over heating/default phase/ overload/ shortcut/dry running/ weak sunshine warning/ water level sensor failure protection etc. (over 30 fault protections)
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Model Selection

Series Model Rated output power Rated output current(A) MPPT voltage (VDC)
Single phase,
AC Input/output 220V-240V
VOK200-1R5-S2 1.5 2 10 260 ~ 375
VOK200-2R2-S2 2.2 3 17 260 ~ 375
VOK200-004-S2 4 5 22 260 ~ 375
VOK200-5R5-S2 5.5 7.5 32 260 ~ 375
VOK200-7R5-S2 7.5 10 45 260 ~ 375
Three phase,
AC Input/output 220V-240V
VOK200-1R5-T2 1.5 2 7 260 ~ 375
VOK200-2R2-T2 2.2 3 10 260 ~ 375
VOK200-004-T2 4 5 17 260 ~ 375
VOK200-5R5-T2 5.5 7.5 25 260 ~ 375
VOK200-7R5-T2 7.5 10 32 260 ~ 375
VOK200-011-T2 11 15 45 260 ~ 375
Three phase,
AC Input/output 380V-460V
VOK200-1R5-T5 1.5 2 3.7 486 ~ 750
VOK200-2R2-T5 2.2 3 5 486 ~ 750
VOK200-004-T5 4 5 10 486 ~ 750
VOK200-5R5-T5 5.5 7.5 13 486 ~ 750
VOK200-7R5-T5 7.5 10 17 486 ~ 750
VOK200-011-T5 11 15 25 486 ~ 750
VOK200-015-T5 15 20 32 486 ~ 750
VOK200-018-T5 18 25 37 486 ~ 750
VOK200-022-T5 22 30 45 486 ~ 750
VOK200-030-T5 30 40 60 486 ~ 750
VOK200-037-T5 37 50 75 486 ~ 750
VOK200-045-T5 45 60 91 486 ~ 750
VOK200-055-T5 55 75 110 486 ~ 750
VOK200-075-T5 75 100 150 486 ~ 750
VOK200-090-T5 90 120 180 486 ~ 750
VOK200-110-T5 110 150 210 486 ~ 750
VOK200-132-T5 132 180 250 486 ~ 750
VOK200-160-T5 160 210 310 486 ~ 750
VOK200-185-T5 185 250 330 486 ~ 750
VOK200-200-T5 200 270 360 486 ~ 750

Technical Specification

VOK200 VFD Solar Pump Inverter Specification

Model Selection

VOK200 VFD Solar Inverter Model Selection

How does VFD solar inverter work in solar pump system?

Photovoltaic water pumping system is an integrated pumping system that consists of water pumps, solar panels as well as electric devices (like VFD solar inverter, etc.). It makes use of solar cells to convert solar energy into electrical energy directly, then converts it to alternating current via solar pump drive links to drive AC synchronous motor that drives a water pump and takes the water out of deep wells or lakes, rivers and ponds as well as other water sources to be used. It is extensively used for desert management as well as residential, irrigation for agriculture and greening, livestock husbandry in the grasslands and scenic fountains projects for water treatment, and many more. 

vfd solar inverter using for Solar water pumping system

The solar water pumping system has the following attributes:

  1. PV water pumping is fully automated and does not require human intervention; the system comprises PV cells (solar substrate), battery (based on customer’s demand), PV water pump inverter, solar pump, storage device, etc.
  2. Mppt vfd solar pump inverter for photovoltaic water pump is used to adjust the pump speed according to the change of sunshine intensity so that the output power is close to the maximum capacity of solar cell array; when the sunshine is sufficient, the pump speed is guaranteed not to exceed the rated speed; when the sunlight is insufficient, the minimum running frequency is satisfied according to the setting. Otherwise, the operation will be stopped automatically. 
  3. Solar water pump system is powered by three phase or single phase AC motor, which pumps water from a well before pumping the water into a pond or storage tank and directly into an irrigation system. Different kinds of pumps can be used to perform the task according to the specific requirements of the system and the installation requirements.
  4. Cost-effective solutions can be offered depending on the specific needs of regions and the requirements.

Solar VFD Inverter Working Principle

Solar inverter for solar water pump (solar water pumps VFD) converts DC power generated by the solar array into AC power that can power a variety of AC water pumps to supply safe drinking water in regions where electricity is in short supply. 

While solar VFD drive only accounts for a small portion of the total cost of an entire solar water pumping system, it is the main component of the whole system. The solar VFD controller regulates and controls how the system operates and converts that DC energy generated by PV module into AC power which can directly control the pump’s performance. 

When the intensity of the light is not sufficient, or it experiences rainy weather it is connected to the power grid or the oil engine’s alternative power source (you can select any one of the two) to enable it to move water to satisfy the demands of the user throughout the day. The mode of control for the solar vfd inverter is control of frequency. As the light intensity rises frequency of output increases slowly, and the pump motor’s speed becomes greater and faster. There is no battery interface or installation needed (it can also be utilized with batteries if required). 

PV inverters for water pumps are the best option for applications requiring water storage. With the growth technologies for PV Inverters as well as the widespread awareness of the environment’s protection, PV’s water pumping systems have become the best solution to the water shortage in remote areas due to its ease of installation, cost-effective with no manual guarding requirements, no carbon emissions and it has many other benefits.

solar pump controller

When do you need to add line reactor for VFD solar pump?

Normally we suggest when the distance from pump to solar pump drive is over 100m, we suggest you can install ac output line reactor for vfd solar inverter, and then it can improve solar pump system performance and prolong its lifetime. If you are going to import high quality ac output line reactors for vfd solar water pump from China, then welcome to contact Vokek for more details.

3 Types of AC MPPT VFD Solar Inverters You Can Choose

VFD Solar Inverter Single Phase Output 220vac to 240vac

Solar Pump Drive Three Phase Output 220vac to 240vac

Solar Pump Controller Three Phase Output 380vac to 460vac

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